Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Who Wants A Perfect Smile?

Honestly, when it comes to my physical appearance, specifically on my face, one of the most frustrations that I have is my smile. I don’t possesses very good teeth, probably, when I was small, I was so lazy to take care of my teeth, plus my mother didn't remind me to brush my teeth after meals. I so envy with people that when they smiled, they have beautiful pearly white teeth. Possessing beautiful teeth would surely give you a good impression when you smile to people. A poor tooth means poor personality, which is why even if the dentist clinic is one of the scariest places for me, I have to overcome my fears.

Now, after calling all the saints above, I have the new false dentures in front. Anyway, I am still lucky that my teeth are aligned, but my nephew’s teeth are not in proper place, so he needs to wear braces. I wish we are near to a montreal dentist because they offer invisalign, a type of braces that is invisible to human eyes. I am not sure if we also have invisalign here at our end. I wish invisalign montreal is just a taxi ride for us. I am certain that my SIL will go to this place with his son, so she could fix the teeth of her son.