Monday, May 20, 2013

Visited the Salon Yesterday

Finally, I was able to visit my favorite salon yesterday and had my pedicure done after two weeks of being occupied from my offline tasks. I was supposed to clean my own toes, but when I checked my nail polish, there were bubbles on it, so I decided to go out of the house and visit the salon. Fortunately, my “suki” (favorite manicurist) was free, and she cleaned my toe nails right away with a foot massage afterwards. Anyway, if you have a problem with your nails, here are some solutions that might help you to bring back the life of your nails.

Weak Nails
Buffing the nail is the secret of top manicurists for building nail strength. The massaging action not only smoothes and shine nails, it also strengthens them by increasing blood flow to this matrix, where nail growth begins.

White Spots On Nails
Add zinc to your diet with zinc supplements or zinc-rich foods like eggs, milk, and liver.

Nail Fungus
Thickened, discolored nails sometimes indicate the presence of a fungus. The recommended treatment is to look for anti-fungal products containing benzalkonium chloride. By the way, my manicurist said, to keep polish from bubbling up on nails, don’t shake it. Turn bottle upside down and roll gently between hands.