Friday, May 17, 2013

I can’t Get Organized to Eat Regular Meals

Do you feel so busy with work, or your family responsibilities that you can’t eat properly? Are you so busy that it is easiest to just grab something on the road, from a vending machine, at a fast-food restaurant or from the cupboards? Do you find it too overwhelming to prepare three proper meals for the day, so you go the other extreme and eat mindlessly throughout the day?

Many friends tell me the same thing. I am occupied every day, or maybe I make myself busy every day. Either way, I can never eat right or sit down for a regular meal. I am not even sure what a regular meal is, since I used to having irregular meals. When I was working, I and my officemates will just run to the nearest fast-food chain, or we will ask our utility staff to buy us food from the fast-food chain. I actually missed the home cooking, but I don’t have time to cook even for myself only. Now, I am working online, and stayed at home most of the time; I couldn't still eat on a regular meal on a proper time. The phone is just waiting for me to call the delivery food service. I know I need to change all these things. So, I guess, it is time to get back to food basic. It may take a little time, practice and patience to get organized to eat in a smart way, but it can be done.