Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to Remove Toilet stains

I have been looking for a toilet stain remover at the supermarket a couple of days now, but I have no idea which one is really effective. I have tried Domex, Greenex, and more, but they couldn't remove the brownish or yellowish rings around and on the bottom of the toilet bowl. And so, I decided to search on Google, and here’s what I have found.


I haven’t tried it yet, but it says that you just place three cups of vinegar into the bowl, leave for at least 2 to 3 minutes, and then scrub the stains with a toilet brush. You can also put the vinegar on a spray bottle, and spray it directly to the stains. Be sure you drain the water on the toilet bowl.


I am not sure of what kind of bleach this is, but it says that it is a very strong cleaning agent. You just have to put a half cup of dry bleach powder directly to the toilet bowl and let it sit there for hours. If we could see the stains have disappeared, then flush away the bleach.

Borax Powder

Honestly, I have no idea about this Borax powder, but it says we can buy this in a hardware store and not in a supermarket. You just have to sprinkle the powder directly to the stains and scrub the stains with a toilet brush. Be sure that the bottom of the bowl has not water. So, drain it first before sprinkling the Borax powder.

I guess, I will try the vinegar first, and if ever the stains remain, I will try the bleach. I really hate to see the stains on the toilet bowl. I wish the vinegar really works for the removing toilet bowl stains.