Friday, May 17, 2013

Establish a Stress-Free Space

Identify the primary source of stress in your home and do something about it. For example, if you dread the prospect of preparing meals for yourself, your significant other, or the rest of the family, you must find an alternative. Some people take great pleasure in cooking and entertaining but if you don’t, hire a stay-in cook or order reasonably priced and delicious food. It may be a bit more expensive but if it significantly lessens your worries and troubles, it may very well be worth it. Should you be hampered by a limited budget, think of other creative solutions. Turn the undesirable process into an opportunity for you and your loved ones to bond. You can also collect recipes and prepare menus ahead of time so you will never worry about what to buy at the grocery store or what dish you should prepare for a particular night.

A healing home is not measured by the physical properties but by the time and effort put into making it stylish and comfortable. Unleash the healing properties of your home by adding personalized touches. Paint a wall in your favorite color, light a couple of aromatherapy candles, use your best dinnerware every day, tuck a cloth bag filled with sprigs of lavender and mint into soft and silky bed sheets and reap the rewards of your private sanctuary.