Friday, May 10, 2013


Craving is just another word for emotional hunger. When you’re biologically hungry, many different kinds of food can quell your hunger and fill you up. But if you have a craving, you have an overwhelming desire for a very specific taste and only by eating that thing will you get satisfaction. If you’re craving a chocolate bar, tuna won’t satisfy you. So, if you are having a food craving, don’t ignore it: acknowledge it and find a way to satisfy it. The more you fight a craving, the more it will become an issue. To move past your craving, you have to give yourself permission to satisfy it and enjoy the food you’re craving, that is why, even if it was raining the other night here in our place, I asked my son to buy chocolate ice cream at the store nearby. Hmmm… craving for an ice cream on a cold night.