Thursday, May 9, 2013

Auto Insurance Rates

Auto insurance rates are calculated on many factors that are related to the car owner. A driver may have lower insurance rates if they live in an area with low crimes. Part of the comprehensive section of an automobile insurance policy will include theft that covers the vehicle and usually the contents within the vehicle. If a driver lives in an area that has a high crime rate, they will pay higher insurance rates due to the chances of the vehicle being stolen or damaged are higher than if a driver lived in a rural area with no neighbors. The rates will also include any safety features that the car may have installed. A vehicle with remote keyless entry may see a lower rate than a vehicle that has no security system installed.

A vehicle with six or more airbags may have a lower rate than a car that does not have side impact bags or rollover curtains. A vehicle that has had one of the backup sensors for cars installed will see a lower rate because there is less chance the driver will collide with something behind them. A driver who commutes a hundred miles per day will see a higher rate than a driver who works at home and only spends a few minutes on the road each day. The higher the risks are, the more the drivers pay for their insurance rates. Someone who would like to save money on car insurance can consider installing a few safety items if they do not already have them.