Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Affordable Tool Boxes

Make your garage or workshop more organized and functional with the best tool cabinets in the industry. You appreciate the value of rolling tool cabinets, but where do you go to find the largest selection and lowest prices? EliteToolBoxes offers a wide range of rolling carts that will hold all of your tools from small socket wrenches to larger hand tools and even some power tools. Sturdy Casters for Easy Movement When you’re working on a car, you need your tools in easy reach. With rollers, you won’t have to walk back and forth between the driveway and your tool bench. Instead, you can take your entire collection of tools with you to the work location. The casters roll easily, and locks ensure that your toolbox will remain in position when you don’t want it to move. Versatile Drawer Sizes The toolboxes feature different size drawers to accommodate all of your tools. Shallow drawers are ideal for smaller hand tools like screwdrivers and ratchets. Deeper tools can hold larger hand tools as well as power tools like drills and more. Choose cabinets with deep drawers, shallow ones or a combination that is truly versatile and functional. Rolling carts are sturdy and functional. The casters can handle a large weight load, so you can stack hutches or portable boxes on top of the cabinets. Available at attractive low prices from Elite, the tool boxes also feature free shipping to help you save money. When you need a new tool box for your garage, choose Elite for their large selection, reasonable prices and excellent customer service.