Sunday, April 28, 2013

Safe Shower Filter For Your Home

When a consumer first decides to buy a new shower filter, the major factors behind this decision is usually that the old one does not work or that they are remodeling the bathroom. Most never initially concern themselves with how much cartridges cost to replace or how often they need to be replaced, but make their decision based solely on cost and looks. While the looks and price might be important, there are other factors that should be considered before installing new shower filters.


Before buying a new shower filter, a consumer should do their homework first. They need to investigate their local water and decide exactly what kind of protection they need from the filter. They need to decide if the filter works best against city or well water, does it reduce lead and copper in the water, and how effective is it on the reduction of chlorine in the water. Some areas suffer from high levels of volatile organic compounds in the ground water which are harmful to human health. A good filter will protect against VOCs, as well as protect against chloramines which are disinfectants used in the treatment of drinking water. Once the consumer has completed the "safe water' checklist for the shower filter, the remaining factors come down to choice and price. Several factors like how many replacement cartridges come with the filter, the life of the filter, and the cost of replacement are important in making the final choice as whether are not a new filter fits into the consumer's budget and home.