Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Online Guides For Installing Glass Tiles

Benefits Of Doing It Yourself

Nowadays there are many comprehensive guides that are available online or offline, in magazines and even newspapers for installing glass subway tile. From every kind of home improvement project available, these help one to decide whether they wish to put in the effort or the time to do a home improvement work themselves or call in the pros. When one has the time it is best to opt for doing the job themselves due to the following advantages:

• There is significant savings since one will simply have to pay for the materials and not the labor charges

• When one is on the lookout for work or some kind of engagement, such projects are helpful and constructive

• It gives one the sense of accomplishment and pride when the work is done.

The only possible drawback of such a venture would be if the work is not done properly. Indeed, for those who attempt to do it the first time would be taking on a risk. If the job is a failure, it would lead to waste of time, resources and additional cost of hiring a laborer.

Advantage Of Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are usually in demand in different areas of the kitchen like the kitchen backsplash area or the oven counter. The kitchen backsplash area is right behind the counter where food is liable to spurt out on and moisture will condense on the backsplash wall. Thus, it is imperative that on invests in glass tiles for this area as these are easy to clean and will arrest the moisture, oil and grease from penetrating into the walls.

Easy To Work With

Nowadays there are a varied range of glass tiles available. In order to make the backsplash of tile to clean up greasy splatters or messy spills one can opt for different kinds of glass tile products and designs to cover such wall areas and even around a sink or an oven. There are different color variations found in translucent mosaic glass tiles which offer a rich look. That in turn makes the kitchen area look more attractive and colorful. Nowadays glass tiles are easy to install due to the following reasons:

• They come in sheets of paper 12x12 mounted due to which the tiles are easy to install when you wish to place them behind or around cabinets or counters.

• One simply needs to add a few cuts in order to fit in the tiles in these areas

• Nowadays it is possible to grout the tiles with a non porous, urethane based product that will remove the need for sealants

• There are many do it yourself guides available fowling which one can make the installations themselves.

Completed Over A Weekend

When one is getting prepare to place mosaic tiles in clay, one needs to set aside a weekend when they need to work and complete the project:

• The first day the wall needs to be prepared. The thinset needs to be applied and the tiles installed.

• The next day the thinset has to cure for 48 hours and so the tiles should not be touched

• The third day on needs to clean the tiles, grout the joints and then caulk the perimeter.

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