Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I’ll Start Tomorrow

Have you ever tried to be good with your food day, but when you overate at lunch, you gave up for the day, figuring you would do better tomorrow?

Do you constantly diet but then get bored and spend the day eating all sorts of junk food, knowing you can always make it up tomorrow?

Did you have an extra-busy day and end up eating whatever was easiest since you figured you could eat better starting tomorrow?

Alright! That was me! I have been planning to eat healthier food, but what the heck am I doing. I ate more rice; I drink more coca-cola specially now that the weather is so hot, and the very cold coca-cola is my bestfriend nowadays.

Many people put off healthy eating until tomorrow or later. They want a fresh start if they feel they messed up, perhaps they ate a big, high-calorie meal or had a mini-binge. They feel they can’t keep their food lives together if they indulged and psychologically they can’t move on until they have a clean slate.

Typically, people who procrastinate about improving their food lives get caught up with the idea of perfection. This type of person believes that unless her food life is perfect, she can’t have a good food life at all. Anything can trip up a so-called perfect day, it could be a busy day at work, a deadline, traveling, problems with the children or just life in general.