Sunday, April 28, 2013

Good morning sunshine! myspace graphic comments
I am glad that the sun is shining now. I wish it will shine the whole day today. I had tons of laundry yesterday, and it is all wet until now. I need sunshine for these clothes for I don't have a dryer. It is still morning here at our end, so I still have time to go to my favorite salon for my pedicure. I will just attend the afternoon church service, so I could shop at the downtown after the service.

Taking care of our feet is more than cosmetic. We make demands on our feet that we don't oblige on any other part of our body. Whether we're cramming them into pointy three-inch stiletto heels or walking an average of ten thousand steps a day, our feet stand up to tremendous abuse and neglect. With minimum time and effort, we can put spring back into our step. Thus, I need to run to the salon now, and make my toe nails be happy again.