Thursday, April 25, 2013

Follow Safety Guide in Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv is a wonderful place to have a vacation. Kyiv is a wonderful place to get acquainted with Ukrainian history, culture and livelihood. Kyiv is a wonderful place to attend far-out parties or simply to spend nice time with kids. However, sociability and hospitality of this city are often undermined with street dangers and occurrences that are hard to call save. Though, such worries are possible in any city you may travel to.

In order to have a nice rest and to get memorable impressions, it is worth taking into account some safety cautions while paying a visit to the Ukrainian capital.

1. You are a total stranger in Kyiv, a foreigner, “a non-Ukrainian”. So, there is no need to give too much information about yourself, as you already pose an absolute mystery for natives. The thing is that Ukrainians are friendly, kind-hearted and warmly welcoming people, but not in case if you meet “a fake hospitality”. So, keep in mind that socializing might use some boundaries. One of the examples is taxis, the drivers of which double or triple an actual cost if they recognize unforewarned foreigner.

2. In Kyiv there are some districts claimed to be far from save even for innate residents. Therefore, it is better to stay around recognizable places, especially if you are not familiar with Kiyv that well. Most of tourists stay in Kyiv for several days (except of momentous EURO-2012 football championship, I guess), the schedule of which is often overloaded with sightseeing routes and visiting numerous places of interest. Hence, while in Kyiv, be sure to have fun without freewheeling, especially if is lacks trusted guidance of locals.

3. Visitors are recommended to control money and documents, meaning knowledge of where they are, how much do you have and how much are you ready to spend. Thieves and small robberies are no surprise in Kyiv or in any other Ukrainian city. Certainly, they are caught not so often, but usually people discover a robbery in some time. Therefore, no jiggling coins in late hours, no bags on a shoulders in subways and please do not pick up wallets in front of you! It is a common trick used by pickpockets!

4. Ukrainian and Russian language are common in Kyiv, with all their nice phrases and, unfortunately, all the swearing words. It has almost become a part of national temper, so keep an eye on the children, who might learn them. Alongside swearing, drinking comes up. Buzzing Kyiv nightlife can provide various opportunities to spend a nice time, but stay aware of who you’re getting in touch with, who you’re hitting the bars with and who you’re hanging out with. In addition, frequent standing a shout is not necessary!

5. And the last, but not the least: do not seek for international standards very much. Of course, Kyiv is a European capital, but it has just started to recommend itself as interesting and rich travel destination. For instance, cheap hotels might provide awful services, in restaurants food might be served later than expected and public transport is public indeed, inconvenient and overwhelmed with people!

Guest post by Maria Kruk, an author for