Friday, March 29, 2013

I hate Anonymous Comment myspace graphic comments

I was so annoyed earlier when I saw that one of my posts in 2012 got 489 comments, but the commentators were just spammers. I have to delete them because they just want a link from my blog. I really felt so bad. If only I could reach them one by one, I want to kick their ass. I want to cut them into pieces, and then put a lot of salt in their body. Grrr. Some of them were Chinese because they used Chinese characters. Anyway, after deleting all those spammer’s comments, I changed my comment settings. I put back the comment verification code and moderation to ensure that no one can leave a comment without my approval. So, to all my friends who like to comment on this blog, I hope you understand if your comment will not be published right away. I don’t want spammers will be happy leaving their links on this blog.