Thursday, March 21, 2013

High Efficiency Lightbulbs

My father and mother had been in a constant war over the lighting in our home, but they finally reached a compromise. My father changed all the lightbulbs, removing regular incandescent lightbulbs and replacing them with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. Then mother would replace the compact fluorescents with regular bulbs. She didn't like the light from the low-energy bulbs, because it is whiter rather than yellowish. However, when mother noticed that our electric bills went down, she agreed now to use the compact fluorescent bulbs until to the kitchen.

Later, she asked father to buy compact fluorescent lamps for the bedrooms. Father explained that the compact fluorescent use about one-fourth the electricity of traditional bulbs. And the light they provide is much better than that of incandescent bulbs. In addition to that, the price for compact fluorescent is lower compared to the regular bulbs. Now, all the lightings at home used compact fluorescent bulbs, and we have been using these bulbs for years now. How about you, have you tried to use a compact fluorescent? If you tried using compact fluorescents a few years ago, try again, because the light they provide is much better than it used to be, more like that of incandescent bulbs.