Saturday, March 30, 2013

Go Fly a Kite

Businesses in the Philippines are usually closed beginning Maunday Thursday until Black Saturday. Some local television and radio stations are also closed. So, what will people do if malls are closed? Today is Black Saturday, and when I went out to the neighborhood, the fathers were busy making a kite for their sons. Oh! Yeah! It’s a kite season. Janjan was watching them while making their kites, big kites actually. And since my son knows that I don’t know how to make a kite; he asked me to buy a kite at the mall. Well, I will buy his kite if I could get a chance to go to the mall next week. Last year summer vacation, I also bought a kite for him. It was a dragonfly design. I wonder what kind of design would he like me to buy this time.