Saturday, March 30, 2013

Go Fly a Kite

Businesses in the Philippines are usually closed beginning Maunday Thursday until Black Saturday. Some local television and radio stations are also closed. So, what will people do if malls are closed? Today is Black Saturday, and when I went out to the neighborhood, the fathers were busy making a kite for their sons. Oh! Yeah! It’s a kite season. Janjan was watching them while making their kites, big kites actually. And since my son knows that I don’t know how to make a kite; he asked me to buy a kite at the mall. Well, I will buy his kite if I could get a chance to go to the mall next week. Last year summer vacation, I also bought a kite for him. It was a dragonfly design. I wonder what kind of design would he like me to buy this time.

Friday, March 29, 2013

I hate Anonymous Comment myspace graphic comments

I was so annoyed earlier when I saw that one of my posts in 2012 got 489 comments, but the commentators were just spammers. I have to delete them because they just want a link from my blog. I really felt so bad. If only I could reach them one by one, I want to kick their ass. I want to cut them into pieces, and then put a lot of salt in their body. Grrr. Some of them were Chinese because they used Chinese characters. Anyway, after deleting all those spammer’s comments, I changed my comment settings. I put back the comment verification code and moderation to ensure that no one can leave a comment without my approval. So, to all my friends who like to comment on this blog, I hope you understand if your comment will not be published right away. I don’t want spammers will be happy leaving their links on this blog.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Triple 7 Movers: A Great Moving Company

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On the day of your move, experienced moving professionals will appear on your doorstep, help pack your fragile furniture to make sure it isn’t damaged. Don’t worry! Breathe easy! Pack all your small items up in boxes, then leave it all up to the professionals at Triple 7. They are highly experienced and will prevent issues like breakage, scratching and other transportation issues that could happen. Triple 7 movers in las vegas specializes in transportation when moving to Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix, Salt Lake city, Reno and other cities in California. This company can also help in other long distance moves across the nation.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

High Efficiency Lightbulbs

My father and mother had been in a constant war over the lighting in our home, but they finally reached a compromise. My father changed all the lightbulbs, removing regular incandescent lightbulbs and replacing them with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. Then mother would replace the compact fluorescents with regular bulbs. She didn't like the light from the low-energy bulbs, because it is whiter rather than yellowish. However, when mother noticed that our electric bills went down, she agreed now to use the compact fluorescent bulbs until to the kitchen.

Later, she asked father to buy compact fluorescent lamps for the bedrooms. Father explained that the compact fluorescent use about one-fourth the electricity of traditional bulbs. And the light they provide is much better than that of incandescent bulbs. In addition to that, the price for compact fluorescent is lower compared to the regular bulbs. Now, all the lightings at home used compact fluorescent bulbs, and we have been using these bulbs for years now. How about you, have you tried to use a compact fluorescent? If you tried using compact fluorescents a few years ago, try again, because the light they provide is much better than it used to be, more like that of incandescent bulbs.

My Friends and I

They are my friends here in our place. They are also active bloggers. This was taken on Araw Ng Dabaw (Davao Festival). We agreed to watch the parade, so we could take lots of photos. It was hot and sunny day, so the two of them had a sunburn. I have learned my lesson from the last year's festival not to wear sleeveless top and short pants when taking pictures of the parade. The heat from the sun would surely bake us while taking pictures. Anyhow, even if the sun was scorching hot, we enjoyed taking photos. Unfortunately, we didn't finish the parade because we decided to go to the mall to refresh our souls from that burning place.

The lady on the left is Genny, center is Anne, and I am on the right side. It was Anne's daughter who took this picture for us. Thanks MJ.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quilt Design Sheets, Pillows and Accessories

The best way to save money on housewares, such as sheets, blankets, and towels, is to buy irregulars. You can save a fortune. Irregular sheets might have a minor stitching error, but who is going to notice? I don’t. But if buying an irregular item is not your style, then go for good-quality items that will last for years.

I stumbled across an online store for bed sheets, throw pillow, toss pillows, to name a few, and these are cotton quilts. If you like finest, high-quality sheets, pillows and accessories quilt designs; a great option is Donna Sharp quilt, which sells extremely high quality quilts designs and accessories at very good prices. They have a variety of great designs, and they only use cotton fabrics to ensure the softness, plus it will last longer than the other fabric like polyester.

Honestly, when I had a sewing machine, I have tried to sew a quilt design blanket. It took for me a couple of months before it was finally done. I had a regular work during that time, and I can only sew my own quilt design on weekends, so it took for me a couple of months to finish my creation. If I have a sewing machine again, I would like to make a bed sheet or pillow case quilt designs. I am a quilt lover you know.

Happy Birthday 3rdy myspace graphic comments

The little young man on the photos celebrated his 5th birthday yesterday. He is my "makulit" nephew and Janjan's favorite cousin. We went to their house yesterday, and we brought him a cake. It was Janjan who chose the cake design. 3rdy was so happy when his Kuya Janjan handed him the cake. Anyway, I went home alone because his little cousins don't like him to go home. So, Janjan stayed, and I will pick him up on Thursday. And so, to my very naughty nephew, Happy Birthday and be good now because you are a big boy already. I love you 3rdy.

The girl is his sister. Her name is Jaja.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Definitely Worth Checking Out

I have heard that finding affordable theater and hotel in New York City is easy if you know where to find a reliable travel agent in your area or on the World Wide Web. Even the most popular Broadway show can be seen at bargain prices if you are a clever on finding them. Honestly, I have never been in a Broadway show, and if only I could, I would love to watch any Broadway shows. I so envy with my brother who is living in Canada. During school vacation, he and his family will visit New York for a short time holiday and watching Broadway show is one of the things that they will never be missed, especially the kids. Usually, he booked their trip through a travel agent, and he is actually a frequent customer of NYCVP.

I already have checked the official website of NYCVP, and I found out that New York City Vacation Packages or NYCVP offers affordable tickets for Broadway shows, including hotel accommodation in New York City Hotel. You can save a lot more if you choose broadway show and hotel packages. So, if you have plans to have a trip in New York City, consider visiting this site and look for your favorite Broadway shows. In case, you couldn't find the show you wanted to watch, they will modify the packages for you.

Monday, March 18, 2013

76th Araw Ng Dabaw

Here are some of the photos that I took on Saturday, March 16, Araw ng Dabaw festival. I was actually with my two friends who are also active in blogging. It was a great day for us. We laughed, took photos, we baked ourselves to the heat of the sun, and then we went off to the mall even if the parade has not been yet finished. Anyway, I still have lots of photos to share on my next posts. I hope you will enjoy looking at it.

How to Help a Smoker Quit

Smokers are likely, in some cases, much more likely, to get cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and a lot more. My father used to be a smoker when he was younger, and he used to smoke about a pack of cigarettes everyday. He started smoking when he was a teenager, and fortunately, he decided to stop smoking when his brother-in-law died on lung cancer. It was a decade ago when he stops smoking, but it was not easy for him while on the process of quitting smoking. We supported him. We let him know that we were overjoyed for he is quitting, and we let him feel that we were confident he will be able to remain smoke-free.

Anyway, for those who have plans to stop smoking for good, but the prospect of living without the cigarette is hard to imagine, then you need to consult it from the expert. Ask for the assistance from EAGLES. They accept patients from 18 to 75 years of age, male and female, and can consume ten sticks of cigarettes per day or more. They provide useful steps and study for you to be able to succeed in quitting smoking. You can also sign up on their helpful newsletter for free. If you care for yourself and your love ones, then you should contact them now. Anyhow, my best advice to any smokers is to take the matter before the Lord. He can make the difference.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Table Cloth for the Round Table

Next month, our place will be celebrating the annual feast or traditional festival, plus it is my mother’s birthday. Since it is also my mother’s birthday, every year we have a little celebration but most of the invited people were the people from my mom’s church. She actually started talking about the food to prepare on her birthday. As usual, I am the one who will make her dessert such as macaroni salad, fruit salad, and more. Her friend from the church will be the chef.

Anyway, as part of the preparation, my mother told me to buy a new table cloth for the round table. She doesn't like to use the old one because some parts of it have stains, so, I am looking now for a new table cloth for the round table. The old table cloth is light green, and if I will choose a printed table cloth, it should be matched to the other table cloth. I hope I could find a design that could match to the other.

By the way, there is a citywide sale at the mall until next week; I don’t have coupon code like the one at the Table Cloth Factory. They have tableclothsfactory coupon code for the customers to grab. They ship worldwide, but I only need one table cloth. The prices are reasonable, and you can even get more savings if you buy by bulk.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Lazy Me myspace graphic comments

I am so lazy to update this blog these past few days. Oh, well, not only this blog, but also to my other blogs. I had toothache a couple of days ago, and it made me more so lazy to do my online task. I have so many things to do like uploading all my photos to Photobucket, but I don't have the power to do it right now. I have plans to go to the Internet cafe just to upload all the photos to Photobucket. My Internet connection here at home is crawling like crazy. I couldn't work faster because of this very slow Internet connection. Anyway, I am glad that school will be ended very soon. The kids are so excited, and they have actually lots of plans this summer vacation.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kinds of Fire Extinguishers

Another great way to protect our home from fire is to buy fire extinguishers. There are different extinguishers for different types of fires. For example, Class A fire extinguishers are for ordinary combustibles such as wood and paper, and Class B fire extinguishers are for flammable liquids, mainly grease and gasoline. Class C fire extinguishers are for electrical fires and Class D fire extinguishers are for combustible metals.

So you probably should keep a Class B fire extinguisher in your kitchen, where a grease fire is more likely. Some extinguishers have multiple ratings. If you can find one that is rated for several different kinds of fires, that's great. Keep one fire extinguisher in the laundry room and one in the kitchen at least.

You can overcome with smoke very quickly. If you have a fire in your house and it's getting big, get out. Don't try to save anything but yourself and your family.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Birthday To Jason and Miko myspace graphic comments

Yesterday, was my eldest son's birthday. There was no fancy celebration, but I cooked a little for him. His cousin will be celebrating his birthday too on the 5th of this month. I wish we are neighbors, so we could celebrate their birthdays together.

Anyway, belated happy birthday to my son, and advance happy birthday to my nephew. I hope you guys will have a good life forever.