Thursday, February 7, 2013

Use Natural Remedies for Pesky Pests

Here is a list of natural ways to rid your home of some of the more common pests without using pesticides. 1. Follow a trail of ants to find where they are coming in. Sprinkle chili pepper, dried peppermint, or borax to steer them away. 2. For cockroaches mix borax, sugar, and flour and sprinkled it in the infested area. Also try sprinkling borax behind light switches, under sinks, and in the back of cabinets to kill roaches. 3. If there is a problem with rodents, consider getting a cat. If that does not work, traps may be the best bet. Humane traps are available that allow catch and release of varmints. 4. Keep pantries free of moths and other pests with insect traps.