Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Super Sweet 16 Birthday Party!

If you are planning a big party like a birthday party, baptism, baby showers or perhaps bridal showers, you would find a wide range of themes at PartyPail that will surely spark the eyes of your visitors. I have found this a while ago while I was searching for sweet 16 party themes. My cousin will be turning 16 next month, and she wanted to have a simple celebration, but her parents wanted to give her a fancy birthday party as a gift for being a good daughter to them. I like the Super Stylish Sweet 16 theme because for me; it is cute and very girly, and besides; my cousin loves pink. The combination of hot pink and black on decorations would be a perfect style and design for a 16-year-old celebrant.

Anyway, aside from Super Stylish Sweet 16 theme, they also have Sweet 16 Sparkle, Sweet Sixteen Floral, and the newest themes are Milestone Celebrations, Leopard Print, Giraffe Animal Print and Monkey Love Birthday. And so, if you have been looking for a perfect birthday party theme for your daughter, at ParyPail, she would be like a princess, especially if you put at least one tiara on her gown or simple dress on her big day.