Monday, February 18, 2013

Rainy Monday myspace graphic comments

It's a rainy Monday here. I alarmed the clock at 4:30 in the morning, but I woke up before the clock started to snooze. I was awakened by the sounds of the water drifting on the ground just in front of our main door. There is a little hole on the rain gutter of the roof and when it rained, the water rain will directly drift down right in front of the main door. I was hoping that the rain won’t stay long otherwise the kids will be absent from the school. I know my son doesn't want to be absent today because they will be returning all the textbooks they borrowed or used from the school.

I prepared it last night, covered it again with plastic book cover, and he actually helped me to check all the textbooks if there is something inserted into the books like bookmarks. That is why when the rain started at the dawn, I was wishing that it will stop before they go to school. The rain didn't stop, but it is just like slow running water in the shower faucet. Anyway, the kids have been gone to school a couple of minutes ago, and I hope there is no rain when they come back from school this afternoon.