Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Garbage Bags

Plastic garbage bags didn’t even exist 30 years ago. People typically reused paper grocery bags or plastic bags for their kitchen scraps, and burned yard waste, raked it into the street, or threw it into large metal or plastic trash cans. Then they got on with their lives. You can still reuse other types of bags, of course. Nearly 8 in 10 consider plastic bags a household staple. If you’re among them, you’ve probably found that choosing a bag may mean deciding among hundreds of brands. Why the proliferation? Manufacturers are trying to grab shelf space from competitors and ring up higher sales by adding anything shoppers to ward off animals, or a pastel color. The confusion doesn’t end there. Garbage bags are marketed under different names: trash, rubbish, scrap, wastebasket, kitchen, lawn, and leaf; and on variations of those themes: tall kitchen, large kitchen, and large trash and lawn bags. That makes it easy to pick up the wrong size.