Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Compost with Care

One way to pump up plants and get rid of garbage at the same time is to compost. Compost is made of recycled food scraps, yard trimmings, clean paper, and even fireplace ashes. Don't include meat, pet droppings, or oil and grease though because they can attract rodents that can carry disease and can kill the beneficial organisms. You can buy a compost unit from lawn and garden centers, online carriers, or even through local extension or utility offices. Or just make one at home using materials such as chicken wire, bricks, or buckets. The organic material in the compost bin needs to be turned and watered regularly to mix up the contents from the inner portions of the pile to the outer portions. The material in the center of the pile decays as it is kept warm and moist, a perfect atmosphere for degradation. When the mixture turns into a dark brown, crumbly material that smells like earth its ready to go. Using compost is a great way to improve soil texture and keep weeds from growing, it increases air and water absorption in the soil, and can be used as much in the lawn or garden. Compost makes great potting soil.