Thursday, February 7, 2013

Buying For Your First Child

When a couple finds out there are going to have a child for the first time, there is so much excitement, and so much anxiety. People often buy too many things in advance, and buy the wrong things, as they try to get ready for their child’s first day in their home. Until your child is home, you really don’t know what things are going to be useful and what things are not. I have two sons, and when I think back to what people gave us, I’m surprised at how many of those things we didn’t use at all. We even requested some of those items by listing them on a baby registry. The most practical thing for you to give or receive at a baby shower is gender-neutral clothing, in sizes up to 3T. People give tons of newborn outfits, including some very fancy things that are hard to put on or take off a baby. Fancy clothes end up staying in the closet. What you need are comfortable outfits that are easy to get a child into and out of, particularly from ages six months to twenty-four months, when the child’s size changes rapidly. I actually have found an online store where you can buy cute baby clothes for a reasonable price. Dallas Cowboys Baby Clothes are really cute. Too bad, there are no babies and even toddlers in the family right now. I so like the design. I could imagine how cute the baby is when he is wearing the shirt with a print or design of the favorite game of his dad or mom. He or she would be the star for all seasons.