Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wishing You a Happy Weekend myspace graphic comments

Weekend plans: 
Party? Nope 
Get drunk? Nope.. I don't drink. 
Get laid? I wish! 
Beach? Nope.. too cold outside. 
Facebook? Yeah..later today, but not now. 

So, what is really my plan for the weekend? Well, here are the things that I should do today and tomorrow. Put all the dirty clothes, especially school uniforms in the washing machine. I don't have an electric dryer, so I have to hang it outside and let the sun dry all the clothes, that is, if the sun shines today. Since I don't have a helper, while spinning the washing machine, I am here in front of the computer, and trying to finish some tasks that were assigned to me a few days ago.

At lunch, I have to cook our food, will eat our lunch together, and then clean the kitchen, dishes after eating. When I am done in the kitchen, I will fix the bedroom, and living room. When everything is done.. that's the time I can go to my Facebook account and do some work there. And then later today, I will go to the supermarket and shop for food and other items that we need everyday. Tomorrow, pressing uniforms and other clothes would be done in the morning. In the afternoon, Janjan and I will go to the church. These are my plans for the weekend.