Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tips and Techniques for the Single Parent

(Referring to myself)

Take some time to look at the new YOU. Whether you have gone through a separation, divorce, or lost a spouse to death, you have changed. Admit some limitations, begin to accept them, and grow in a new direction. Take some for yourself. As a single parent you need more than even to stay healthy, both in mind and body to be there for your child. Take time for friends and family. Learn to say “no”. Demands, made on you by your child or others, that you can’t meet, need to be dealt with firmly.

Don’t forget your own emotional needs. Make a list of creative ways to vent your emotions and get the nurturing that you need. Seek and accept help when you need it. Friends, family and support groups can lend a hand and even barter caretaking help. Take time to listen to, enjoy, and have fun with your child/children. He will have extra emotional needs at this time and will need your sensitivity. Understand that an ex-partner may parent differently. Communicate your style to your child’s other parent and try for some consistency on big issues.