Friday, January 4, 2013

Not Yet Ready To Go Back At School

The kids at home are not in the mood to go back at school today. :( They are not yet ready to go to school. The kids are telling me that they will go to school on Monday and not today. If only they could ask for more school vacation, they would. For them, two-week vacation is not enough. They wanted for more weeks, but I told them that time runs so fast, and they only have three months to wait, and then it's summer vacation.

Honestly, I wanted them to go back to school, so I could rest on my ears from their voices, I could rest on my eyes from the things scattered on the floor, and I could have a silent home when they are gone to school. Since we have floored tile, and the kids have their own roller shoes, they preferred to wear and play it inside the house because it is easier to roll the shoe wheel on the floor tile. So, what do you expect when they are playing their roller shoes? Of course,they bang from there to here, laughing, and yelling. I am tired of telling them to stop yelling, or just to minimize their voices for I couldn't concentrate on my work here in front of the computer. There was a time, I told them to play on the second floor, but it was more annoying because it seems like there was a thunder running above because of the roller shoes. Anyway, starting on Monday, they will definitely go back to school. So, three more days, starting today, I will have a peaceful life again. :)