Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kids are back to school.

I am still sick, until now, but not too bad. The only thing that I got irritated is my nose. I still kept on sneezing followed by a tear in my left eye now and not the right eye. I took medicine for runny nose for two days now, and I guess, it works a little.

Anyway, since the kids are back to school, on weekdays, I am alone again during the daytime. No more hullabaloo from the kid's mouth, and when they got back from school, they both need to do their home works before they could play if they wanted to play.

Yesterday, when my son got home from school, he ate his snacks, and then he went to bed for a nap.  I thought he would sleep until the next morning, but he woke up around 10:00 in the evening, and he was looking for food. I gave him food; he ate in front of the television, and after eating, we went upstairs, and he went back to sleep. He was so tired yesterday, or probably he was not used to wake up early again.