Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Thought Today is Friday

I really thought that today is Friday. I woke up very early, went to the kitchen, and I cooked a rice while I was half awake.  Since I used the rice cooker, I just lay my back to the couch and tried to sleep a few more minutes because it was still dark outside.  When there was a little light from outside, my niece woke up, and she saw me on the couch. She asked why I was sleeping there and not in the bedroom. I answered her with my eyes closed that I cooked rice for Janjan’s lunch.  She asked me then why it was so early to prepare food for lunch.  And I said that Janjan needs to bring food at the school for I don’t like to go to the school just to bring his food.

As soon as my niece heard about school, she laughed at me, and told me that there is no school today because it is Saturday. Geee… I almost fell to the floor when my niece told me that it is Saturday. I really thought that it is Friday today. Probably, the reason why I was thinking that today is Friday; it is because, yesterday, when I pick up Janjan’s school bag, he said, he needs to help his classmates to clean their room.  And I know, my son’s schedule for cleaning the classroom is on every Thursday, that is why I thought today is Friday. Well, the rice won't get spoiled easily, so at least we have cooked rice for lunch already.