Friday, January 18, 2013

Cute Baby’s Stuffs

In the family house, apartment or condo, there will be more than one bedroom to keep under control.   The paraphernalia of a baby or infant is vast and specific, but we could try to resist investing too much in fun-size nursery furniture, which won’t grow with your child.  However, you can buy things for your infant such as bedding, pillows and the like as many as you want.  If children are sharing and the space is large enough, try to make sure that each child has their own storage unit for clothing, toys, school materials, bedding and books.

In so many ways, our bedroom is the most important room in the house, thus, decorating an infant’s room is really fun for me. I have two boys. My eldest was already 11 years old when I gave birth to my youngest that is why I have to buy another set of baby boy nursery bedding for I gave all the things of my first born to my cousin after a couple of years. Time flies so fast, and my two boys are now big boys. I missed buying small things for them. Whenever I saw a baby’s stuff such as crib, bedding with an animated or cartoon's design, I felt that I wanted to have another child.  Probably, I would buy baby’s stuff again if one or both will have their own family, and I hope it is not so soon for I am not ready yet to become a grandmother.