Sunday, January 27, 2013

Attending a Wedding Ceremony Yesterday

Yesterday, I left our home early in the morning for I have to attend a wedding ceremony. I don't have a part of the wedding, but my niece and nephews were parts of the wedding entourage. The groom was my SIL's brother, and I was reminded by my SIL two days before the wedding. It was raining so hard the night before the wedding, and there were already places that were flooded. I thought the wedding would be postponed because of the bad weather. Fortunately, the next morning, the sky was light and there were no signs of rains. So, I headed to the church, and I enjoyed taking pictures of the wedding. I have not uploaded yet the photos here in the computer, but I would definitely do it later because my handsome nephew couldn't wait to see his photos. He was shouting on my Facebook wall and asking where are the photos from the wedding. Well, my handsome nephew, don't worry, I will tag you on Facebook as soon as I fix all the photos.