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I will buy sweet corn at the supermarket.

I was at the school with my son this morning, and before I went home, I bought cooked sweet corn, which was sold outside the school. The seller said, it was sweet, but I was disappointed because it was not sweet. Plus, the kernels were dry. I hate it when a seller lies with her or his merchandise, and I am so stupid believing them. Now, I wanted to buy sweet corn at the supermarket, and I will cook it at home. For sure, my son will be happy to see a sweet corn on the table when he comes home later today.

No Storm, Just Gloomy Today.

Hello everyone! How is your day today at your end? Ours is just fine so far, but the sun doesn't shine today. It is a bit gloomy, with scattered rain shower. There was no report of storm so far, and I hope no more storm because the people who lost their houses due to the storm a month ago were not yet fully recovered from that horrible experience.

Although some places have their electric lights back now, and some areas have houses built by the government agency, still they need an assistance from the government. We are just so lucky that our place is not prone to flood. In addition to that, when we renovated our house five years ago, we filled more soil the entire place until to the gate. So, if there is a flood, it will not get in, not unless if the water outside the gate is until half of the houses from the neighborhood. I wish there's no rain this afternoon because I have a meeting at my son's school.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.

Swimming, Shopping, Dining on Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Hope it was great. Ours were just fine. On Saturday, the kids and I went to the mall. My son shopped for PlayStation games, while my niece bought a hair band and a pair of white socks. When we got to the mall, we didn’t know that there was a live show, and they had three celebrity guests. One of the guests was my son’s favorite artist, so when he sang, my son stood in front of him, too bad because I didn’t bring my camera. After we shopped, as usual, the kids never missed visiting Jollibee again. On Sunday, the kids went to the beach with my brother. They left home early in the morning, and they got back around 2:00 in the afternoon. Obviously, the two kids had a blast in the beach. It has been a couple of weeks now since they had a swimming at the beach. Gladly, the weather yesterday was great.

Uploading Photos But I am Sleepy Now

I started uploading photos from my camera, but I have to adjust all the sizes that I wanted to post on Facebook. I feel so lazy doing this. I used PhotoScape to reduce the size, but it will take more hours for me to stay here in the computer. It is almost 1:00 o'clock in the dawn now, and I am so so so sleepy now. I guess, I will continue this tomorrow when I wake up. I know my nephew, and his aunts are waiting for these photos from the wedding. I am so sorry guys; I couldn't stay for more hours. But I promise to finish it tomorrow.

The Proper Way of Unsubscribing Services

Most people nowadays can’t live without the Internet. Even the kids, if you do not prohibit them to use the computer, they would definitely like to surf as if there is no tomorrow. These days, joining a social network is very popular. We sometimes joined many popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, to name a few, plus our email communication with our family and friends. Good thing provides services that could help everyone to make life easier by putting together all social and email communications in one place. You don’t need to visit several sites just to communicate with your friends. There are free members, and there are also paid/premium subscription members.

In the event, that you don’t want to continue your membership, you can easily apply for a MyLife Refund. Just call the Customer Care representatives by calling 888.704.1900. Since MyLife uses an auto-renewal feature, you also need to disable the auto renewal feature, to ensure th…

Attending a Wedding Ceremony Yesterday

Yesterday, I left our home early in the morning for I have to attend a wedding ceremony. I don't have a part of the wedding, but my niece and nephews were parts of the wedding entourage. The groom was my SIL's brother, and I was reminded by my SIL two days before the wedding. It was raining so hard the night before the wedding, and there were already places that were flooded. I thought the wedding would be postponed because of the bad weather. Fortunately, the next morning, the sky was light and there were no signs of rains. So, I headed to the church, and I enjoyed taking pictures of the wedding. I have not uploaded yet the photos here in the computer, but I would definitely do it later because my handsome nephew couldn't wait to see his photos. He was shouting on my Facebook wall and asking where are the photos from the wedding. Well, my handsome nephew, don't worry, I will tag you on Facebook as soon as I fix all the photos.

The Perfect Place to Watch Your Game

If you love sports, then you might want to watch your favorite games live with your friends and family, and if you wanted to watch it live, the next thing you wanted to do is to look for the best place to sit in. Actually, I have found a place where you could enjoy every action of the game. The place called Wrigley Field Rooftop Club. It is located near the right-field line, and it is one of the closest Wrigley rooftops to the home plate, and much closer than to the other seats located inside Wrigley Field. Wrigley Field Rooftop Club is located at 3617 N. Sheffield, Chicago IL. It has the biggest rooftop capacity and facility, and it provides more stadium seats compared to some rooftop at Wrigley Field.

Wrigley Rooftop Club specializes in hosting corporate and group gatherings. It is the best place to watch the game with your co-worker, business clients, and group of friends or family. When you are inside the club, or just wanted to stay inside especially if you are talking with …

Tips and Techniques for the Single Parent

Countertops Repair

Have you been looking for concrete polishing, and concrete counter top contractor? Then you have come to the right place. I have found a place where you could hire contractors for your concrete works. They accept commercial and residential concrete work, regardless of the size at the place. They have been in the business for over 20 years now and still counting. They have been known for the top concrete contractor in the Low Country of South Carolina, USA.

By the way, our house was renovated five years ago. The concrete floors, up and down floors are still good, but not our concrete countertops. I have been planning to repair the countertop, but at the moment, after the Christmas holiday, I don’t have a budget yet for repairs. However, my mother has also planned to repair her countertop in the summer time, or before her birthday, which is in April. She doesn't like to see the stains on her countertop, which is why she wanted to repair, or restore the previous concrete counterto…

Heart Rate Monitor for Heart Patients

Wishing You a Happy Weekend

Weekend plans:  Party? Nope  Get drunk? Nope.. I don't drink.  Get laid? I wish!  Beach? Nope.. too cold outside.  Facebook? Yeah..later today, but not now. 
So, what is really my plan for the weekend? Well, here are the things that I should do today and tomorrow. Put all the dirty clothes, especially school uniforms in the washing machine. I don't have an electric dryer, so I have to hang it outside and let the sun dry all the clothes, that is, if the sun shines today. Since I don't have a helper, while spinning the washing machine, I am here in front of the computer, and trying to finish some tasks that were assigned to me a few days ago.

At lunch, I have to cook our food, will eat our lunch together, and then clean the kitchen, dishes after eating. When I am done in the kitchen, I will fix the bedroom, and living room. When everything is done.. that's the time I can go to my Facebook account and do some work there. And then later today, I will go to the superm…

Durable Storage for Your Workplace

Indoor Pet Potty Training

Our family loves dogs. Most of them died because of old age, and only two of them died when they were still puppies due to sickness. I can tell that it is not easy to have dogs at home. First, the maintenance of the dogs such as foods, grooming, and more are not cheap. Second, it is not easy to train a dog, especially if they are still a puppy. Sometimes they are hard-headed like our male dog today. He was so hard-headed since he was a puppy, but we still love him. Fortunately, we have a big yard.

We don’t need to put a leash and tag them outside our home when they need to pee or poo. They just went out of the house and do their things in the yard. The only problem is when there is rain. They won’t stop bothering us if they wanted to go to the yard, but they couldn't because of the rain.

Now, I have learned that there is an indoor pet potty for your dogs. I am interested to have this at home, so that when there is a rain, they will just use this potty cage when they need it. I…

Hilarious Photo

When I saw this photo, I was laughing out loud because I remember my son's teammate. They were playing football in the field even if it was raining. The grasses were slippery, and one of my son's teammate fell on the ground, but he accidentally pulled the short pants of their teammate. Everybody was laughing when the boy tried to pull his short pants up, but he was laughing too. That is why I could hold my laughter when I saw this photo.

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