Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shopping for Baby’s Stuff

Shopping for kid's clothes, especially for babies are more expensive than the adult clothes. However, girl's clothes are inexpensive compared to boys, but girls have lots of accessories while boys, there are only few. When it comes to toys, boy's toys are more expensive than the girl's toys. I am not sure whether you will agree me or not, but this is only what I have noticed every time I shopped for clothes or toys for my sons, nieces and nephews.

The Christmas holiday is now in full swing. All malls are definitely busy with shoppers. I was actually at the mall this afternoon, and I was looking for baby stuff. I was fascinated with cute baby stuffs at the baby clothes and accessories' section. They are so lovely, especially the baby girl’s stuff. I bought baby bath stuff for my godchild and when I asked the saleslady if there is a discount, the saleslady gave me free baby stuff instead. She gave me a very cute baby bath towel, and a calendar for 2013. To be honest, every time I shopped of a certain thing, I always ask if there is free stuff or free samples. If I have plans to shop online, I will look first a coupon code, so I could save a little money.