Friday, December 7, 2012

Let us support for a drug that could really treat Breast Cancer and Tumor

More and more women all over the world have been diagnosed to have a breast cancer. One of this was my ex-sister in law, and the godmother of my son. Both had died even if they underwent chemotherapy here in our place. I actually witnessed how they suffered this killer decease. The family had no idea on how did they get this, but the doctors had mentioned that one of the probable cause was their lifestyles, or it runs to their family’s history. I know my ex-SIL, and the godmother of my son had been taking oral contraceptive for more than a decade without consulting to a doctor. I am not sure if this could increase the risk of breast cancer.

I have read and heard from the news that more researchers are now trying to search on how to prevent breast cancer. I also have found cureLauncher, a site where the main objective is to work on a drug that can treat breast cancer where tumors usually spread to the brain, liver or lungs. However, the funds are not enough to support the project. Thus, donating a little amount of your money would help them to continue the project. They already have started a small clinical test under the supervision of FDA, and it has positive results. So, be one of the funders of cureLauncher. Your $5.00 donations could help a lot to our cancer patients.