Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to Successfully Shop For Shoes

For some people, shoe shopping is a pleasant experience, and for others, it is a hassle. No matter how you feel about purchasing shoes, it is something we all must do. The following is a list of helpful suggestions that assure a successful shoe-shopping trip:

Be prepared:
Take the type of socks or hosiery you plan to wear with the shoes with you when you try them on. For example, if you are shopping for dress shoes, either wear hosiery or bring some along. The same principle applies when buying boots. Most people wear thicker shocks with boots, so it is important to wear socks of the correct thickness when trying on womens slippers or ladies snow boots.

Always try on both shoes:
For some reason, many people try on only one shoe when shoe shopping. This is never a good idea as you do not intend to wear only one shoe after you purchase them. Be certain to try on each shoe, and take the time to walk around a bit. Make sure that both shoes feel right on your feet before purchasing them.

Make sure they fit:
A properly fitting shoe will allow some room for toe movement, usually around a finger’s width of room, and will fit snugly but not uncomfortably tight on the heel. It should not be too easy to insert your index finger between the back of the heel and the back of the shoe. The shoe also should be wide enough that the toes are not straining against the shoe. In years past, it was common to buy shoes that required a breaking in period. This is no longer true. If a shoe does not fit when you try it on, it is unlikely it will ever fit. Riding boots or leather hiking boots are an exception but should still be comfortable.

Determine the shoe’s use:
The way you plan to use your shoes will have an impact on what constitutes a perfect fit. For example, you want sneakers loose enough for comfort if you plan to take long walks. However, if you play a high impact sport with lots of movement, such as tennis, you want your sneakers to have a tighter fit. Keep in mind, when buying shoes, always remember the shoe’s purpose when determining a proper fit.

Follow the above tips for an enjoyable shoe shopping experience and you will be happy with both your shopping trip and your long-term ownership experience.