Sunday, December 30, 2012

Headache! Pls. Leave Me Now! myspace graphic comments

It has been two days now since I had this headache. I took paracetamol the other day, but it has no effect. I still had the pain until in the evening. So, when Jason got home early in the evening last night, I asked him to buy Advil or Dolfenal for me. When he got back, he had the Dolfenal, so I took it after eating the dinner. I went online a couple of hours trying to finish some tasks. While working in front of the computer, the headache was still there, so after writing the tasks, I went to bed and sleep. As early as 5 o clock, my son woke me up because he was assigned from his work to send relief goods to the typhoon victims here in our place. I got up from the bed, and I still have the headache, so I took another Dolfenal, and went back to bed when Jason has gone for work. Now, it's 10:30 in the morning; the headache didn't leave me, and I couldn't take another Dolfenal because it was just a couple of hours ago when I took the last Dolfenal. Oh! dear, I wish it will go so soon for I need to shop this afternoon for the New Year's celebration.