Thursday, December 13, 2012

Excited myspace graphic comments

Yesterday, I accompanied my SIL at the mall. We were scouting for the cheapest airfare going to Manila by next week's schedule. Her son, who is my nephew will have an interview, and a DNA test at the Embassy of Canada in Manila. I will explain on my next post why my nephew needs a DNA test for applying a resident immigrant in Canada. Anyway, I received the final request only this week, and the letter was dated November 20, 2012. I was actually disappointed with the local post office because why it took for them so long to deliver the said letter to us.

Anyhow, when we were at the airline office, I wasn't surprised anymore with the airfare now because it's Christmas season. All airlines have a higher rate now compared the last month when I bought a ticket also. So, to make the story short, we bought a round-trip ticket for my SIL and my nephew. Since, this will be my nephew's first fly, and this will be his first time to see Manila, he is so excited when he handed his ticket. He wanted to visit MOA or Mall of Asia, ABS-CBN studio, Manila Zoo and other malls if they still have time. I just wish the weather is good when they go to Manila. To my nephew, good luck to your interview.