Sunday, December 30, 2012

Headache! Pls. Leave Me Now! myspace graphic comments

It has been two days now since I had this headache. I took paracetamol the other day, but it has no effect. I still had the pain until in the evening. So, when Jason got home early in the evening last night, I asked him to buy Advil or Dolfenal for me. When he got back, he had the Dolfenal, so I took it after eating the dinner. I went online a couple of hours trying to finish some tasks. While working in front of the computer, the headache was still there, so after writing the tasks, I went to bed and sleep. As early as 5 o clock, my son woke me up because he was assigned from his work to send relief goods to the typhoon victims here in our place. I got up from the bed, and I still have the headache, so I took another Dolfenal, and went back to bed when Jason has gone for work. Now, it's 10:30 in the morning; the headache didn't leave me, and I couldn't take another Dolfenal because it was just a couple of hours ago when I took the last Dolfenal. Oh! dear, I wish it will go so soon for I need to shop this afternoon for the New Year's celebration.

Mrs. Smith’s Pies

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mrs. Smith's for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


Think of Christmas holiday and what naturally comes to mind are the foods to prepare for the table on Christmas Eve, shopping, and a Christmas present or gift to one another.  When it comes to dessert, Mrs. Smith’s pies must be on top of your lists. I was at the site earlier, and I drooled as I was looking at the mouth-watering pies. Each slice of pie is beautifully plated, and I am sure that it tastes as good as it looks.
By the way, I sent a holiday e-card to one of my friends using the e-card of Mrs. Smith. The good thing is there is a free coupon for the sender and receiver of the e-card, and when you buy Mrs. Smith’s pie, a portion of all sales of Mrs. Smith’s pies will be donated to Operation Homefront.


For every Mrs. Smith’s pie purchased during November and December, a $1 will be donated, and they will also send pies to Operation Homefront for Thankgiving as well. I have a free coupon, and I wanted to purchase the Signature Deep Dish Peach Pie with Cream Cheese Icing for my family. I am sure that my family will enjoy every bite of the pie. So, if you love pies, get a chance to visit Mrs. Smith and send an e-card to your family and friends for free.


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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Get the New Look with Lighting

Christmas season is almost over, and in the next few days, the whole world will celebrate the New Year.  Some people have their own New Year’s resolution, and some of them take it religiously, but others are not. Aright! I am one of those.  Other people like to change the look of their homes like changing the painted wall, from eyesore to eye-catching by covering them with wallpaper.  There are people who also like to change their lighting style and design.

Honestly, I wanted to change the lighting in our bedroom, and I have plans to buy a chandelier that could hang on the center of the bedroom, a chandelier that could blend well with the earthy and relaxing aura of the room.  I actually have found a beautiful chandelier at Candice Olson lighting. However, I was stuck at the bathroom lighting because I really need to change the bathroom lighting. It has been a couple of weeks now that the lights mounted to the bathroom wall are not working anymore. I can replace a bulb, but the surface finishes are not good to see anymore. So, I would buy new bathroom lighting first before buying a chandelier for my bedroom. I am not that rich that I could buy the two of them now.

Friday, December 28, 2012

38th Metro Manila Film Festival 2012

The winners of 38th Metro Manila Film Festival held at the Meralco Theater in Ortigas, Pasig City on Thursday, December 27, 2012 are:



Best Supporting Actress: WILMA DOESNT FOR "SISTERAKAS"


Best Picture: "ONE MORE TRY"
2ND Best Picture: "EL PRESIDENTE"

3RD Best Picture: "SISTERAKAS"
Best Screenplay: "ONE MORE TRY"

The “El Presidente” got the most awards in the competition. They got eight awards, while “Thy Womb” got seven awards, “Sisterakas” got two awards, and Shake, Rattle and Roll 14 got only one.

“Strangers”, “Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at Si Ako”, and “Sosy Problems”, they failed to get any awards.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas To All myspace graphic comments

Wishing you much happiness throughout the holidays! Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Get Well Soon Melmel myspace graphic comments

My seven-year old niece is sick. It started only yesterday. She was playing with her friends at the neighborhood in the morning, and there was no sign of getting her sick for she was happy and energetic while playing. After eating her lunch, she went to her bed, and she watched the noon time TV show. She laid a couple of hours in the bed, and when I checked her in her room, she was covered with a blanket. However, I ignored her. I thought she just felt cold because it rained on a little yesterday and the wind was a little chilly.

Later of the day, she complained that she wanted to throw up. I actually asked why but when I saw her face, she was pale and her voice was trembling. So, I ran in the kitchen and took the small bucket. She threw up all the foods she ate on that day, and when I touched her forehead, she was so hot. Anyway, her papa sent her to the doctor this morning, and the doctor said, she has a Urinary Tract Infection or UTI. Now, she is taking medicine for UTI and fever as well. I hope she will be better soon. We actually have planned to go to SM Premier Lanang tomorrow, but she is sick. I wish she will be okay by tomorrow.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Word of Warning

Always be cautious if anyone online asks for you to supply personal information, such as your Social Security number, to conduct a transaction. It is rarely necessary and should be taken as a warning sign. Scams are spreading very quickly on the internet and as a smart consumer; you will want to safeguard yourself.

I opened my inbox a while ago, and I have this message again saying that they still have an open slot for me, and he/she asked me to fill up the form completely so I could receive the slot. The form’s questions were all personal information. Darn, if they are legit, why not send me an application form, and I will apply for it. In fact, I don’t understand what kind of slot he/she was talking about. Well, I just ignored the email and never bothered to read the whole message. They are exactly wasting my time.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lights Your Home with Beautiful Lighting Design

Lighting is one of the most important objects in every part of your home. Your home needs this when darkness comes. Aside from giving a light, it also adds life to your home if you buy a well-designed lighting in every corner of your home. Honestly, I love chandelier hanging in the living room. So, whenever I am at the home depot, I always landed to the lighting section. And on my free time, I also search lighting on the net. I actually have found a murray feiss bathroom lighting not long ago, and I was planning to buy it before the year ends. I am tired of looking at my old bathroom lighting, and I want a new look, new style that makes the bathroom more pleasurable when doing my “me” time.

Anyway, if you are looking for lighting, I would recommend visiting this site for they have plenty of beautiful and well-designed lighting for your home. They have lighting for ceiling, outdoor, wall, lamps, and more. They also have home décor such as mirror, rugs, wine things and its accessories, antique and more. They also offer clearance sale but only available at their great local stores. The two stores are open on Sundays from Thanksgiving until Christmas holiday. So, start shopping at Valley Lighting and Home Décor store now.

Happy Birthdy Jo myspace graphic comments

Happy birthday to my favorite cousin. I am so sorry; I almost forgot that today is your birthday. Your wife reminded me the other day of your birthday, and she has planned to celebrate it even if you are not here. Yeah, later today, Janjan and I will go to your home, and we will celebrate your birthday. We will just celebrate it again when you come. I know for sure you can read this because you love reading my blogs wherever you go. If you are in Sweden now, pls buy my favorite soft and jelly orange candy, and bring it here. I so missed this candy. And if you still have space on your luggage, bring also the two small window lamps that I put at the living room's window. But if you can't, it's okay, no problem.

Buying or Selling a Home

The residential real estate market is changing dramatically. Buying a home can still be a solid investment, but don’t count on a windfall if you are selling your home. I was a real estate broker more than a decade ago that is why I could tell that buying a real estate still a good investment. Real properties never depreciated. If you want to buy a home, but have planned to resell it later, I would suggest staying at your home at least for five years before selling. In this way, the value of your house has increased already, and you could sell it at the current value of your house or property.

However, before buying a home, you must consider the location of the property. Choose a property that you can easily sell when the time comes. It is easy to look for a place if you have plans to buy a house or property. There are websites that could help you to find the best place for you to stay. The Arizona Real Estate Franchise is one of them. I was at the site a while ago, and in my opinion, if your purpose is buying and selling a home, then you have to visit the site. You can buy a property from them, and then if you decided to resell it, you can ask them to resell your property.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Excited myspace graphic comments

Yesterday, I accompanied my SIL at the mall. We were scouting for the cheapest airfare going to Manila by next week's schedule. Her son, who is my nephew will have an interview, and a DNA test at the Embassy of Canada in Manila. I will explain on my next post why my nephew needs a DNA test for applying a resident immigrant in Canada. Anyway, I received the final request only this week, and the letter was dated November 20, 2012. I was actually disappointed with the local post office because why it took for them so long to deliver the said letter to us.

Anyhow, when we were at the airline office, I wasn't surprised anymore with the airfare now because it's Christmas season. All airlines have a higher rate now compared the last month when I bought a ticket also. So, to make the story short, we bought a round-trip ticket for my SIL and my nephew. Since, this will be my nephew's first fly, and this will be his first time to see Manila, he is so excited when he handed his ticket. He wanted to visit MOA or Mall of Asia, ABS-CBN studio, Manila Zoo and other malls if they still have time. I just wish the weather is good when they go to Manila. To my nephew, good luck to your interview.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shopping for Baby’s Stuff

Shopping for kid's clothes, especially for babies are more expensive than the adult clothes. However, girl's clothes are inexpensive compared to boys, but girls have lots of accessories while boys, there are only few. When it comes to toys, boy's toys are more expensive than the girl's toys. I am not sure whether you will agree me or not, but this is only what I have noticed every time I shopped for clothes or toys for my sons, nieces and nephews.

The Christmas holiday is now in full swing. All malls are definitely busy with shoppers. I was actually at the mall this afternoon, and I was looking for baby stuff. I was fascinated with cute baby stuffs at the baby clothes and accessories' section. They are so lovely, especially the baby girl’s stuff. I bought baby bath stuff for my godchild and when I asked the saleslady if there is a discount, the saleslady gave me free baby stuff instead. She gave me a very cute baby bath towel, and a calendar for 2013. To be honest, every time I shopped of a certain thing, I always ask if there is free stuff or free samples. If I have plans to shop online, I will look first a coupon code, so I could save a little money.

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! myspace graphic comments
I am so tired when I got home this evening. My son and I went on shopping this afternoon. We bought a toy for his exchange gifts on Saturday. Their football team will have a Christmas party this coming Saturday, while his classroom Christmas party will be on the 15the of this month. That's the reason why I was so tired when we got home. It is not easy to look for a gift at the mall. In addition, the snake-like lines to the cashier made me really sick. By the way, I am not yet finished buying gifts for my godchildren. I wish I could finish it soon for I don't like to stand again on a very long line.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Let us support for a drug that could really treat Breast Cancer and Tumor

More and more women all over the world have been diagnosed to have a breast cancer. One of this was my ex-sister in law, and the godmother of my son. Both had died even if they underwent chemotherapy here in our place. I actually witnessed how they suffered this killer decease. The family had no idea on how did they get this, but the doctors had mentioned that one of the probable cause was their lifestyles, or it runs to their family’s history. I know my ex-SIL, and the godmother of my son had been taking oral contraceptive for more than a decade without consulting to a doctor. I am not sure if this could increase the risk of breast cancer.

I have read and heard from the news that more researchers are now trying to search on how to prevent breast cancer. I also have found cureLauncher, a site where the main objective is to work on a drug that can treat breast cancer where tumors usually spread to the brain, liver or lungs. However, the funds are not enough to support the project. Thus, donating a little amount of your money would help them to continue the project. They already have started a small clinical test under the supervision of FDA, and it has positive results. So, be one of the funders of cureLauncher. Your $5.00 donations could help a lot to our cancer patients.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Attractive Floor Design

Interior design is more than just creating beautiful homes. The home is not just a place that mirrors a certain aesthetic appeal. It is not just a habitat. In today’s fast paced lifestyle, it is not simply a place to come home to at night nor is it a place to exist outside the work environment. Today’s home should be more than just that. Thus, when building a beautiful home, we should not forget that one of the most important parts of a beautiful home is the flooring.

If you have a background on interior designing, then choosing the right floor for your home is easy. You will know exactly what kind of floor that could match to the whole appearance of the house. However, if you are just like me that didn't know how to match the interior design to your floor style, then you should not be worried for there are stores that are willing to assist your needs.

I have read that My Flooring America offers the best discounts on some of their floor style and design. If you are planning to renew the looks of your floor, you should visit the site and See what's on sale! They have plenty of beautiful carpet designs, laminate style floor, vinyl and hardwood which I think is perfect if your home has an earthly color and style.

If you don’t have enough time to navigate on their site, you can actually request a free catalog so you can look for it anytime, anywhere. Once you have found your desired floor style, you can call the office and ask for a free estimate. The expert floor installer will come to your place. You can also visit the local store and talk to one of their expert and professional floor installer. So, maximize the beauty of your home by installing beautiful flooring from My Flooring America.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Advent Sunday myspace graphic comments
Even if my day wasn't good today, I am still thankful that the Good Lord guided me in his own way. HE helps me to find my way to see the truth. It hurts but I also understand that God won't give me a problem that I couldn't take. I believe that the problem that I have right now, is just simple and has an easy solution as well, and that is... a firm decision.

How to Successfully Shop For Shoes

For some people, shoe shopping is a pleasant experience, and for others, it is a hassle. No matter how you feel about purchasing shoes, it is something we all must do. The following is a list of helpful suggestions that assure a successful shoe-shopping trip:

Be prepared:
Take the type of socks or hosiery you plan to wear with the shoes with you when you try them on. For example, if you are shopping for dress shoes, either wear hosiery or bring some along. The same principle applies when buying boots. Most people wear thicker shocks with boots, so it is important to wear socks of the correct thickness when trying on womens slippers or ladies snow boots.

Always try on both shoes:
For some reason, many people try on only one shoe when shoe shopping. This is never a good idea as you do not intend to wear only one shoe after you purchase them. Be certain to try on each shoe, and take the time to walk around a bit. Make sure that both shoes feel right on your feet before purchasing them.

Make sure they fit:
A properly fitting shoe will allow some room for toe movement, usually around a finger’s width of room, and will fit snugly but not uncomfortably tight on the heel. It should not be too easy to insert your index finger between the back of the heel and the back of the shoe. The shoe also should be wide enough that the toes are not straining against the shoe. In years past, it was common to buy shoes that required a breaking in period. This is no longer true. If a shoe does not fit when you try it on, it is unlikely it will ever fit. Riding boots or leather hiking boots are an exception but should still be comfortable.

Determine the shoe’s use:
The way you plan to use your shoes will have an impact on what constitutes a perfect fit. For example, you want sneakers loose enough for comfort if you plan to take long walks. However, if you play a high impact sport with lots of movement, such as tennis, you want your sneakers to have a tighter fit. Keep in mind, when buying shoes, always remember the shoe’s purpose when determining a proper fit.

Follow the above tips for an enjoyable shoe shopping experience and you will be happy with both your shopping trip and your long-term ownership experience.