Thursday, November 22, 2012

Your Saviour this Christmas

If you're anything like me then you dread Christmas. I try not to be such a Scrooge every year. I sit down in front of the television, baileys in hand and watch Christmas show after show in an attempt to find the Christmas spirit. I go for walks holly picking in the countryside, I settle down for afternoons in country pubs, I visit my family and attend all the various functions this time of the year brings. Still, one part of Christmas plays on my mind. The presents. The thought of shopping makes my knees tremble. This time of the year is especially troublesome for those of us with partners. The whole ''will he/she like this?'' anxiety followed by the anti-climax of what happens when she or he opens the gift. The fake smile and the 'Oh I love it..' or the brutal, cutting honesty of ''It's the thought that counts.'. Well this year, no longer. and have a wide variety of gifts for the struggling partner.

A wonderful aspect of the products at and are the personalised gifts available. From cufflinks and wallets to cuddly toys and perfume atomisers the website has a range of items that can be personalised with messages. The added thought of a message can make the difference between a present that will be stuffed away in a cupboard and a gift that has a level of sentimental value.

Or how about a gender neutral message in a bottle? The message in a bottle comes packaged in a handsome treasure chest gift box. It has a parchment with whatever message you desire written on it, rolled up and stored in a bottle full of sand and sea shells, for that authentic look! The perfect Christmas gift this year, a way to tell your partner how much you love and appreciate them. So why stress? This year will be the year where you recover the Christmas spirit you once had. Good tidings to all and to all a good night!