Friday, November 23, 2012

I want a cell phone on my birthday

A few days from now, it's my birthday. My youngest son kept on asking me on what do I do on my birthday, or what do I prepare for that day. I actually don't have plans to celebrate my birthday for I need to save my money for my project. My project is to buy a cell phone like on the photo below. It has been more than a decade since I bought a cell phone for myself.

The cell phone that I have been using for years now was just a gift from a friend in Sweden. I don't have problems with my cell phone, but I wanted a new cell phone for myself. That is why I don't want to celebrate my birthday because I wanted to use the money for the cell phone and not for the birthday celebration. I know my son won't agree with this because he really wants me to cook for my birthday like spaghetti, mango float, cake and ice cream. I jokingly told him that I would just cook a biko,( a sticky rice cake), and he was not happy with this. He said, biko is food for the Holy Week, All Souls Day and All Saints Day. :) He made me laugh when I heard this. Anyway, I would probably prepare a little, so that Janjan will be happy for me.