Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Horoscope for Sagittarian

This is my first time to read a horoscope on Yahoo. I don't know why my eyes caught this page. I read horoscopes, but usually, I read it on newspapers, and not online. It is fun reading a horoscope, sometimes it fit to what happened to the past and not on the future. Sometimes, they gave you "lucky" numbers, and I tried to bet those numbers, unfortunately; the psychic got wrong. Those were not my lucky numbers ha ha. Anyhow, here's the reading for the Sagittarian people for this month.
The planetary configurations shall make you feel powerful and invincible this month. But you should keep yourself firmly grounded, says Ganesha. Even though you will be elevated to a higher level of independence, you would still respect people. You won't need anybody's favours now. Some things may still require attention, though. You would be seeking directions to use your new-found power. You should be patient and careful in all your dealings. Avoid restlessness and keep your distance from frustration. The solar eclipse on 13th will bear an effect on you, and may change your outlook towards spirituality. You shall be receptive towards changes. The lunar eclipse on 28th may, however, put your relationship under strain; only the stronger ones may survive. Best days of the month: 6, 7, 14, 15, 23, 24.
Anyway, when reading a horoscope, just read it for fun and don't take it seriously for there is only one person who knows our future, and that is our Creator.