Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Birthday To My Bestfriend myspace graphic comments

Happy, happy birthday to my BFF who is currently living in Manila. She is actually the godmother of Janjan, and it was Janjan, who reminded me that today is his Ninang Jean's birthday. When we were still in Manila, we usually celebrate our birthdays together for it's only a couple of days, then it's my birthday too. Mareng Jean was my partner in singing. She has a nice voice when it comes to singing. We also partner in judging a singing contest during our barangay fiesta. Mareng Jean is just like a sister to me. When she had problems, I am her crying shoulder, and even if we are not together now, we never forget to text each other, or talk on the phone during her vacant time. So, to my bestfriend, and kumare, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, and I hope to see you again so soon. Cheers! Mareng Jean.