Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Coats and Jackets Through the Decades

It’s winter again. It’s getting frosty. It’s getting rainy. It’s getting foggy and cold. So why not consider purchasing a new winter coat.

If you are a fashion follower, you will be more than aware that the vintage look is very much fashionable at the moment, so I decided that I would look at a number of coats that are reminiscent of days gone by.


The first coat in this article reminds me very much of Victorian detectives, such as Sherlock Holmes. It has an air of intelligence and looks very classical and earthy. You can just imagine seeing it being worn whilst smoking a pipe whilst riding a horse. We can imagine stately homes and wealthy animal lodges when gazing upon and indeed wearing this coat.

This gorgeous red coat is a perfect example of the sort of coat that you would have seen many a woman wearing back in the 1920’s. it musters up a feel of nostalgia, from simpler times. Times when women were beginning to fight for their right to have their say. A time when women were becoming empowered. A time when women were becoming more feminine and more powerful.

This beautiful vintage style coat is very reminiscent of the decade. It reminds me of the sorts of coats the honourable detectives would have worn in the typical 40’s style film noire crime dramas. In making this coat, the designers have managed to make the iconic trench coat something that looks feminine and that women are happy to wear.

This fourth coat is identical to something I would imagine the likes of Jackie Kennedy wearing during the 60’s. you are bound to feel as admired as the first lady whilst wearing this beautiful piece.

This final piece ends our journey, landing us in the 80’s. a time of partying, music, glitter and garish but equally stylish fabrics. This jacket is a great example of 80’s inspired fashion! It has the iconic shoulders and the disco style fabric, but is made in such a way that it doesn’t offend, unlike its 80’s counterpart.

All of the coats shown in this article come from Fever Designs London.