Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Birthday To You Dong myspace graphic comments

Today is my brother's birthday, and a few days before his birthday, his only daughter kept on reminding me on his Papa's birthday. I have no idea why she kept on telling me like "mommy, two more days, and it's papa's birthday," and I just said, "I know." And this morning, she woke up very early. I could hear her voice trying to get an attention for I was still on the bed. She probably shy to knock at my bedroom's door, so she made a noise that could make me up on the bed.

Eventually, I got up on the bed, headed to the bathroom to wash my face, and then went to the kitchen to make a coffee for myself. My niece asked, are you done, mommy? Done of what? I asked. She said, your coffee. I asked, why? She said, mommy, birthday na ni papa karon, pwede isulat nimo sya sa computer parehas kay kuya Janjan? She meant, today is her papa's birthday, and she asked me if I could blog her papa's birthday. What a sweet thought of a daughter to her father. Now I understand why she kept on reminding me on his papa's birthday. She wanted me to greet her papa on my blog, so that Tanya and Roy in Canada would also read that today is her papa's birthday.

So, to my brother, Happy, happy birthday to you, and hope you have many birthdays to come. I was digging some of our family photos, but I couldn't find it.

By the way, she called me mommy for she has no mommy at home. Her mother left when she was still a baby, but she knows who is her mother.