Sunday, October 14, 2012

Air-conditioning, Heating Specialists Opens 24/7

I like our air conditioner for it is super quiet. Sometimes I would even forget it’s still on. However, lately, I have noticed that the coldness was lesser, even if I turned it full. I guess I need to call a cleaning company to clean our air-conditioner, but I won’t hire again the one I called before for I was not satisfied with their services. I was really mad at them when they just left all their messes in the yard. I called their office and they asked for an apology, but I told them that I won’t hire their services again.

Anyway, I had a short conversation with my brother this morning over the phone. He is currently living in Montreal, Canada. He called just to inform me that I am an aunt again. Whoa! I have a new nephew again, and while we were talking, I could feel how happy he was. The new-born baby is actually is his 4th child, but first from his Canadian wife. We didn't talk so long for he was waiting for a company to install the heater for his new-born baby’s room. He has been a regular customer of Heating Montreal for he likes the services of this company. They come on time, and they would not leave your place if it is not completely fixed or installed. In addition, they are open 24/7days a week when there is an emergency. I wish we are near to this kind of company. I would surely like to hire their services.