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Swipe Machine at SM

Shoppers at SM Lanang will experience an all-new lifestyle with fresh trends and more choices in the newest premier shopping destination in Davao City, Philippines. With the SM Supermarket's personalized customer assistance, exciting promos, new products and sophisticated services, am sure shoppers would enjoy their shopping everyday. Your grocery trips opens daily from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Monday - Thursday) and 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Friday - Sunday).

When shopping, simply swipe your SM Advantage Card, Prestige or BDO Rewards Card into the SWIPE machine to get a promo list of discounts and giveaways. The promo list is your ticket to a world of exciting deals at SM Supermarket.

Here's the human size monitor inviting everyone to swipe your cards before entering the supermarket.

Personalized and advanced Supermarket experience

Just when you thought you've seen it all at SM Supermarket in Lanang, think again!

If you need assistance while shopping at the supermarket, then SM's friendly and reliable customer assistants will attend to you. Just look for press-for-help buttons and a store personnel will be with you shortly.
You don't need to look after the personnel if you are looking for something. SM supermarket provides everything that could make your shopping experience easier compared to other supermarkets.

Look for this sign if you are looking for a personnel to assist you. This is located just in front of the cashier's counter.

And this is the button. You could see this under the HELP sign. Just press it, and the light will be on, and then wait for the personnel to come.

Special Offer for Awnings

Have you been scouting for a nice and attractive awning for your windows, doors, and patio? I actually have found a place where you could find various fabric styles, valance styles and awning frame style that would definitely harmonize to your home or business design. At Retractable Awnings, you can choose which design you wanted to install; that is, from traditional to modern, colorful or simple, you name it, and they will provide it.

Awnings are a great help and very useful for everybody. It could help to protect your home’s interior from the rays of the sun, and it helps to lower your bills on summer and winter times. For business establishment, especially for those who have open spaces such as restaurant, coffee shop, awnings would be essential for it helps to protect your customers from the rain or from the heat of the sun. Retractable Awnings can be reached by sending an email, or instant messages, live chat, or by calling them through their land line phone during office ho…

Get a Chance To Grab $150 GC & Mixed Bag Giveaway

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Air-conditioning, Heating Specialists Opens 24/7

I like our air conditioner for it is super quiet. Sometimes I would even forget it’s still on. However, lately, I have noticed that the coldness was lesser, even if I turned it full. I guess I need to call a cleaning company to clean our air-conditioner, but I won’t hire again the one I called before for I was not satisfied with their services. I was really mad at them when they just left all their messes in the yard. I called their office and they asked for an apology, but I told them that I won’t hire their services again.

Anyway, I had a short conversation with my brother this morning over the phone. He is currently living in Montreal, Canada. He called just to inform me that I am an aunt again. Whoa! I have a new nephew again, and while we were talking, I could feel how happy he was. The new-born baby is actually is his 4th child, but first from his Canadian wife. We didn't talk so long for he was waiting for a company to install the heater for his new-born baby’s room. H…

Fairy Hobmother is real.

Apparently, yes he is. I was surprised this morning when he informed me that he visited my blogs. I couldn’t believe it right away for there are thousands of blogs waiting for him too. I couldn't measure my excitement when he told me that he would grant my wish as an early Christmas gift.

He said I will have my Samsung G-Series RSG5UCRS American Fridge Freezer Freestanding Stainless Steel so soon. Now I am greatly happy, and I feel very lucky as well. If you want to know how the famous fairy knew my blogs? Well, every time I read about him in the world of blogging; I just left a comment and through the link that I have left, he was able to fly and land on my blogs.

So, if you want him to visit your blog, leave a comment on this blog, so that the good fairy will find his way to your blog. Good luck guys, and to the famous fairy, huge thanks to you for granting my wish. May the good Lord will give you more blessings in your family and business as well.
Anyway, you may foll…

Tired and Sleepy

I am so so tired now. I don't have the power to blog right now. I guess I need to sleep just a few hours, and then I will wake up and I will do my blogging assignments. I accompanied my son to his game this afternoon. I supposed not to go with him, but my son told me that the parents would have a meeting today at the field. So, I decided to accompany him. When we got there, there were already lots of players from other schools doing their warm ups. Anyway, we left at home around 2:30 in the afternoon, and we got home around 7:00 in the evening. And since I was so tired already, I just bought ready to eat pork barbeque for our dinner.

Dependable Cleaning Company

Floors are usually the first thing one would notice upon entering a building, office, and even in a house. Visitors would be impressed if the floor they step in is very clean. Thus, proper maintenance of the floors should not be disregarded.

If you are looking for a cleaning company who could clean your place like cleaning the rugs, carpet, upholstery, to name a few, then you should check carpet cleaning Calgary. They accept residential and commercial carpet cleaning regardless of the size of the place. At AlbertaPro, your place is safe for they used non-toxic cleaning agents for the protection of the environment. True to their claim, and the testimonials of their clients, the website is all you need to make your place presentable, and dirt-free.

Honestly, I wish I was near to this place for I have problems cleaning our floor tiles. It is really hard to remove the dirt on the grout. I don’t have a vacuum cleaner, and this is the reason why it is really hard for me to clean the…

Fresh and Fragrant Flowers For You

Honestly, when it comes to flower arrangement, I would run away if you ask me to do it. I love flowers but I don’t know how to arrange to make them more beautiful and attractive. So, whenever I buy flowers for any occasion, I would definitely run to the flower shop, or purchase it online to ensure that the recipient would love the flowers I sent.

By the way, I have found another flower shop online a while ago, and I was so excited to inform my best friend that I have found an Indianapolis flower delivery, a perfect place to buy flowers for her mother’s golden wedding anniversary. I went crazy while I was looking at the flowers. Each one of them is perfectly arranged. If I could only smell and touch each one of them, I would. I love the Aloha, Baby flower arrangement, so lovely and very attractive. I must say, if somebody gives me this flower, I will surely make it a treasure in my heart. Anyway, the flower shop store offers any flower arrangement on all occasions and events. So, i…

Happy Birthday To You Dong

Today is my brother's birthday, and a few days before his birthday, his only daughter kept on reminding me on his Papa's birthday. I have no idea why she kept on telling me like "mommy, two more days, and it's papa's birthday," and I just said, "I know." And this morning, she woke up very early. I could hear her voice trying to get an attention for I was still on the bed. She probably shy to knock at my bedroom's door, so she made a noise that could make me up on the bed.

Eventually, I got up on the bed, headed to the bathroom to wash my face, and then went to the kitchen to make a coffee for myself. My niece asked, are you done, mommy? Done of what? I asked. She said, your coffee. I asked, why? She said, mommy, birthday na ni papa karon, pwede isulat nimo sya sa computer parehas kay kuya Janjan? She meant, today is her papa's birthday, and she asked me if I could blog her papa's birthday. What a sweet thought of a daughter to her fathe…