Where am I?

Probably, when you look at these photos, you will notice first the back view and not me. :) We were invited by a friend who is working at the real estate to see this beautiful project of their company. It was raining on that day, but they had their car, so we didn't mind the weather. It was actually in Samal Island. It's a new high-class residential village, and they are still developing the whole area which is quite big. The club house near to the beach has been done already, and if you are a home owner, you can now enjoy this long curve pool. When I saw the pool, I wanted to jump right away, but the sea breeze was so cold, so the "bakla" and I were having fun taking pictures of the whole place. Oops! Sorry guys, I forgot the name of this village. But, no worry, I will ask my friend again the name of this new residential village in Samal Island.



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