Monday, September 3, 2012

Was Tired Over The Weekend

Hello! How was your weekend everyone? Was it great? I wish it was and not just like my weekend at my end. I was combating with my laundry as usual. I have no time to go outside. My son was asking if we could go to the mall, but I had to tell him no because I know after doing the laundry, I would be so tired, and I just want to lay my back on the bed. I started in the morning, and I finished the laundry around 2:00 o’ clock. I was so hungry afterwards. I went to the kitchen and checked the pot if I have something to eat.

Fortunately, my father cooked green beans with some green leafy vegetable, and a fried dried fish. Since, the green bean has no soup, and I wanted something I could sip, and it must be hot, I made a coffee without cream, and made it as my soup. I know it was weird, but I love it. I ate with my bare hands with my right foot on the chair while the left foot was on the floor. Whew! That’s me when I am really hungry at home. Anyway, today is Monday, the first day of the week, I wish we all have a wonderful week ahead, which means; moolah would come to us bloggers.