Sunday, September 30, 2012

Residential Beach in Samal Island

The stairs going down to the beach.

I was invited again a few days ago to a special viewing of one of the resorts, and the new luxurious and unique residential resort development in Samal Island. It was actually my mother who received the invitation for I was not at home when the invitation was delivered to our house. I have been there already one time, but it was not yet fully developed. However, the club house and the pool has been done already. The event was actually yesterday, but I didn't go for I have lots of things to do online and offline as well. Honestly, the proposed project is really beautiful because this is a residential resort. You would surely enjoy the white-sand beach, warm ocean breeze and a panoramic view of the Davao City skyline.

The residential beach.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Easy bathroom renovations

A beautiful bathroom can be a great sense of pride and joy for any home owner. Renovated bathrooms along with kitchens are the few rooms in the house that will allow you to get more value for a dollar during a resale stage. Also, an outdated bathroom can also very quickly age your home. Bathroom renovations do not have to be very hard, simple changes, for example with bathroom vanity styles can truly make a big difference in this important room. Bathroom vanities can be made to look antique which is a great choice in a century home. Other homeowners may opt for a modern finish, with raised glass sinks, and vanities made of glass-wood combinations or even man-made stone. When shopping for bathroom vanities and supplies remember that the little things matter. Once you have chosen the right vanity, consider getting a mirror to match your antique or modern bathroom. Those with an eye for detail should also consider matching the small accessories such as soap holders and faucets to match the theme of the room. You do not have to do a complete overhaul of your bathroom; these relatively small renovations can add huge value to your home. --

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Where am I?

Probably, when you look at these photos, you will notice first the back view and not me. :) We were invited by a friend who is working at the real estate to see this beautiful project of their company. It was raining on that day, but they had their car, so we didn't mind the weather. It was actually in Samal Island. It's a new high-class residential village, and they are still developing the whole area which is quite big. The club house near to the beach has been done already, and if you are a home owner, you can now enjoy this long curve pool. When I saw the pool, I wanted to jump right away, but the sea breeze was so cold, so the "bakla" and I were having fun taking pictures of the whole place. Oops! Sorry guys, I forgot the name of this village. But, no worry, I will ask my friend again the name of this new residential village in Samal Island.



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Provide a Better Protection of Your Heavy Machinery

When we were living in Manila for four decades, I have seen heavy machinery such as cranes, and other equipment used for building a high-rise building. When we moved here in the province or county, our home is near to the place where companies could rent these heavy machineries and equipment. We could hear the engine working if the employees make a test, especially if there is a client and wanted to test the machinery. If I were the company that owns these kinds of machineries like cranes, I would definitely like to buy a crane mats to lengthen the life of my heavy machinery.

I have found these kinds of mats at This mat could protect your machinery to ensure that the business operates effectively and efficiently no matter what the weather is. Don’t allow the bad weather interrupts the business operation. The mats are eco-friendly for these are made from high-quality solid wood. This is also extremely important to the business. The business should use materials which are not harmful to the environment, and that’s the purpose of QMat. They offer materials that could help the business to become an eco-friendly business. So, visiting them would be a great idea for your business and to your machinery and equipment as well.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why White Fillings Are The Right Choice

If you're over 25, you most likely remember the ugly metallic fillings dentists used to use. In fact, they're still widely used today, but for aesthetic, quality, and overall health, many dentists have switched entirely to white fillings made of resin or porcelain. Here are some reasons dentists say they only use white fillings.

A stronger, more durable filling - On the Boston cosmetic dentistry pages of Dental Partners of Boston website they explain that unlike with amalgam, white fillings are securely bonded with the tooth. This not only provides strength to the tooth, it keeps out material that can damage teeth from the inside out. Additionally, metal fillings expand and contract with changes in temperature. Just Smiles, a dental office in Hilliard, Ohio adds that this can cause teeth to crack beyond repair if left unchecked over enough time. This can introduce new cavities or even cause the tooth to be lost altogether.

Aesthetics - The attractiveness of white fillings over amalgam is indisputable. Whenever you open your mouth with metallic fillings people can see the dark gray blotches on your teeth. Even when inside the tooth, the enamel shows hints of the gray underneath. So teeth with amalgam fillings will never be quite white. The white resin easily blends with teeth whitening procedures. At Dental Partners of Boston they advertize that they can shade white fillings to match existing tooth color. This means they will be practically invisible.

Mercury - The old mercury-amalgam filling has been widely used for decades. Many dentists have assumed none of the toxic metal was released into the body. But today there is evidence that over time these fillings slowly exude a gaseous form of mercury. Certain tissues in the body, notably brain tissue, absorb the mercury where it can have very dangerous effects. The local Hilliard, Ohio dentist points out this technology has been around since the Civil War. Just Smiles refuse to use mercury on any of their patients.

The modern technology in white tooth fillings is simply a better product that the 150-year-old amalgam filling. It not only provides a better looking, longer lasting fix for your dental problems, it may be safer for your overall health. Ask your dental office if they offer mercury-free white fillings before your next appointment.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fill-Ins we go!

1. I don't know what it's like to be a mom of 21 children (saw it on TV a while ago and all are living with her); I only know a mom of two children, but the youngest is terrible.

2. Life of a Single Parent would be a great title for my life.

3. A couple of weeks from now, the kids will have a one week break from school.

4. Counting any number of things such as blessings from up above is glorious.

5. I drove from home to school and back and forth.

6. Last Saturday, my son’s team won the soccer game, and I was happy.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to blog hop, tomorrow my plans include shopping for my son’s shoes and Sunday, I want to have a body massage in the afternoon.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Note: Bold phrases are the answers.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kitchen and Bath Products

I have been planning to change the style of my kitchen sink because it is too small for me. I wanted to buy double bowl or double basin sinks but I don’t have time to drop by at the home depot nearby. A while ago, while I was looking for shower heads, I found a very neat kitchen sink. It looks so easy to maintain the cleanliness, and since I have been planning to change the kitchen sink, I was glued to this online store.

I read the history of this online store, and I have learned that they are in the home product business, specifically kitchen and bath products for a decade now and still growing for they established their name as the best place to buy a good-quality home product. I like the vintage style of the farmhouse kitchen sinks especially the double bowl sinks. The store claims that these farmhouse sinks are their specialty. They guaranteed that the fireclay farm sinks are heavy-duty, and not easily to break off. It can be installed flushmount, undermount or top mount; however, you have to put a support underneath. Thus, if you have been looking for kitchen and bath products, try to visit the site. They are actually offering great discounts on some of their products. Anyway, like them on Facebook or follow them on their Twitter account if you want to get updates on latest news about the clearance sale.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I was; I am, and I will be busy until the end of this month.

I need to help my nephew for his papers for Canada; I need to assist my son for his soccer game at school; I need to accompany my mother to all her legal papers like bank, land title, SPA’s, etc., etc. Yesterday, we went to the bank to pick up the bank statement that I requested last week. However, when we got there, the BS was not yet ready for pick up, however, it was ready for printing.

After a couple of hours in the bank, we headed to the Bureau of Customs. When we arrived at the place, the person that we wanted to talk to was out for lunch. So, we waited for him at the lounge area. He was back at work exactly 1:30 p.m. Oh! Our government! I thought the employees were back at 1:00 pm, but it wasn’t. Some came back early, but most of them were not on time. The women even if they were sitting at their tables, they were busy fixing their faces on the mirror. They don’t bothered what was the time already. They don’t even care to ask us why we were sitting outside.
Anyway, we’ve been there a couple of hours. We got back home around 4:00 in the afternoon that is why; my blogs had no update yesterday. And today, I will be busy again. I have to print some photos of my nephew. I will send my son to his game in Agro Field, and probably I will wait for him until they are finished. I will also go back to our lawyer to pick up some affidavit, and I hope it is all done now.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Choose the right materials for your projects.

If you have planned to fix or to make furniture at home, I will tell you all you need to know about individual techniques for making the projects, and gives additional information too for many of the ideas you may find here. You may have to adjust the dimensions to suit your space and your requirements, so make a double check on your measurements before buying and making or working on your materials. If you are planning to fix your chosen project to a cabinet, check the material of the cabinet such as wood replacement, paint, glue, varnish and hinges.

When buying a hinge, choose cabinet specialty hinges either brass or plain for better results. When making any of the projects, do make sure that you are using materials that can be combined. Find out which types of paint, glue will work best with your materials and each other. Always be aware of your safety and if sawing or using a chemical-based product, wear safety woodworking glasses and work outside of the house if possible. If you want to use wood, do think about which kind of wood will work best for your project and consider the work that you will need to do to prepare it for use.

Do not use warped wood, as it will be difficult to work with. Wood is available either planed or sawn. Sawn wood looks slightly rougher in appearance but will be closer to the thickness that you requested, whereas planed wood is much smoother but may come up to thinner than the measurement you wanted. For most of the project, planed wood will be better, as it gives a much smoother finish.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend At Home

Hello world!

How was your weekend everyone? I hope it was great. Mine was not bad, but the kids went to their cousin’s place, so I was alone the whole day on Saturday. On Sunday afternoon, we watched a movie at home. I bought three movies, well sorry; it is not original copies; it’s pirated. I don’t have a budget to buy an original, so pirated is great savings. I bought Snow White and the Huntsman with Kristen Stewart, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close with Toms Hanks and Sandra Bullock, and Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp. I have watched the Snow White, and it was really good for me. The kids enjoyed the movie too. They actually watched two movies, but I didn't watch the second movie for I have to go to the grocery store before the rain drops. So, that was our simple weekend, and I was glad that I didn’t spend too much money. Just popcorn, cold coca-cola, and the movies, our Sunday afternoon bound us together.

Property Buying and Selling in Quebec

My mom’s relatives will be soon migrating Canada for good. They will be leaving this month, and the family is busy preparing all the things they needed in the new place. In addition, they also busy fixing all the things that will be left here especially their house. I have a brother in Canada, and he is the one who looked for a house or apartment for our aunt and her family. Our aunt’s husband will start to work in Quebec next month, so they are looking for an apartment in Quebec also.

My brother found a Maison à vendre Gatineau or in English, house for sale Gatineau. I actually visited the site, and I found out that this real estate company has lots of beautiful property for sale. Aside from selling properties, they also accept buying a property. You just have to contact an Agent Immobilier Gatineau or Ottawa Real Estate Agent if you have planned to buy or sell a property.

Anyway, when you visit the site, there is a complete description of the house or property for sale. This includes the prices. If you are interested, you can send an email, or call the agent through her/his mobile or land line phone numbers. They are happy to answer all your questions. So, don’t hesitate to ask if you have something in your mind that you would want to know. I have provided below a beautiful photo of the place. I love nature, so if I were my aunt, I would choose this place.

Image taken from the site.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Birthday To YOU! myspace graphic comments

I wish you could read this. Even though you gave a lot of heartaches to me, I just want to greet you a Happy, joyful birthday. I wish there is a chance for you that you would change while I am still here.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Men’s Undershirts for Getting Smartness and Perfection

Hello boys,

What would you like to do to keep yourself fresh and stylish all day long in summer? Your answer might be changing clothes 2-3 times in a day and using a strong perfume. In case, you are not allowed to change clothes, you might be left with one option—empty a perfume bottle in a day. But do you think it is enough to give you fresh and stylish look all day long? A single perfume bottle will hide smell of your body but it doesn’t hide sweating spots which look ugly and a great reason of embarrassment to many men. Sweating spots make you look dull and to fight with this dullness, there is a wonderful solution, called as men’s undershirts.

Like women, men also need underwear that helps give them better look. To hide chest hair and to get a smart look, most men love to buy men’s tank top. It beautifully hides chest hair and soaks sweating. Apart from that it gives shirts a perfect fit to the body. For thin men, undershirts give support to shirt to find a perfect fitting whereas it helps hide flab of fatty men.

Types of Undershirts

A-shirt or the singlet is probably the most famous style of undershirt. From adolescent to adults, all like A-shirt style undershirt. It has round neck, no sleeves and is vest-shaped. Joggers love to slip on A-shirt style undershirts as these shirts allow enough room to move body.

Men’s V-neck undershirt is another very famous undershirt which has also been a favourite wears for boys while hitting a gym and going for joggings for many years. These undershirts look very trendy and boys don’t mind to wear them while going for rafting and other extracurricular. Combining a V-neck undershirt with a short pant such as black pant with a red V-neck undershirt gives a rocking look. It is an informal wear and can be combined with various types of short and long pants. You can wear a V-neck undershirt for a barbecue party. It is simply no doubt to say that you need to be a little bit creative to wear a V-neck undershirt.

Wearing an Undershirt with a shirt…

When it comes to wear an undershirt with a shirt, you need to pay attention to various things to get smartness. The very first thing is wear a perfect fitting undershirt. It shouldn’t be too lose or too tight. Always tuck your undershirt properly, it should not be visible. Ensure about the colour of your undershirt. If your shirt is white, you should wear a white undershirt to get a perfect look.
These are a few tips for men about undershirts. So men it’s a high time to keep your eyes open on fashion and smartness.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Was Tired Over The Weekend

Hello! How was your weekend everyone? Was it great? I wish it was and not just like my weekend at my end. I was combating with my laundry as usual. I have no time to go outside. My son was asking if we could go to the mall, but I had to tell him no because I know after doing the laundry, I would be so tired, and I just want to lay my back on the bed. I started in the morning, and I finished the laundry around 2:00 o’ clock. I was so hungry afterwards. I went to the kitchen and checked the pot if I have something to eat.

Fortunately, my father cooked green beans with some green leafy vegetable, and a fried dried fish. Since, the green bean has no soup, and I wanted something I could sip, and it must be hot, I made a coffee without cream, and made it as my soup. I know it was weird, but I love it. I ate with my bare hands with my right foot on the chair while the left foot was on the floor. Whew! That’s me when I am really hungry at home. Anyway, today is Monday, the first day of the week, I wish we all have a wonderful week ahead, which means; moolah would come to us bloggers.