Wild Orchids or Waling-Waling

These are the beautiful flowers that I took when we were at the Agri-Trade and Flowers Exhibit at the back of SM Mall here in our place. Lovely, isn't it?

When you buy this kind of plants in full bloom, the prices will surely make your eyes as big as the plate. So, if you want to have them in your garden, just buy the new cultivated orchid for it is less expensive. The only problem when you buy a new cultivated orchid is that, sometimes it is not the flowers that you like when it blooms.

It happened to me actually. Last year, I bought the new cultivated orchid. The seller told me that it had a tiger skin designed on the petals. I was so excited when it started to show a flower. However, when it was in full bloom, it wasn't tiger skin petals. It has fuchsia red petals. Well, it wasn't bad anyway for it has a brilliant deep purplish pink color, and the petals are also thick just like oh the photos below.

Therefore, if you want to buy the new cultivated orchid or waling-waling, don't assume that it is the right flower you like.




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