Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Outdoor Equipment

On Monday, my son’s school celebrated the Nutrition Day. When it is nutrition day, the pupils or kids require eating only vegetable and fruits on that day. However, they need to prepare the foods in the school. The higher grader will cook their foods, and if they are adventurous, they must cook food that they never tasted it before, but the ingredients must be vegetables or fruits only. Since my son is in the higher grader now, his group cooked a variety of vegetables. It was one of his classmates who brought the portable gas stove, and I also brought some kitchen utensils like pot, plate, bottled water and more.

While I was looking for the portable gas stove, I thought of buying this for it easy to carry and very useful when you have an outdoor party. I know where to buy these outdoor equipments, the boxboy sells on these things. I already have checked the prices, and they offer the best price of every product. Take a look at the site so you would understand what I was talking about. Anyway, they are now offering good deals on selected items, so hurry, while stocks are still available.